House of Horrors #1 (Poster Included!)

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House of Horrors #1 (Poster Included!)

A fiendish collection of frightful tales meant to terrify the mind and keep comic readers up at night! Beware the House of Horrors that rests at the edge of town, and make sure to keep away from the old man who haunts it! He calls himself the Curator, and tonight he has prepared 3 chilling tales of ghoulish terror… Just for YOU!

What awaits in the halls of the House of Horror? Pumpkin faced serial killers, living snowmen with an appetite for human flesh, and a fateful confrontation with a diabolical dentist!

House of Horrors is a 16 page comic book featuring artwork by Jacob Saxton and title designed by Zach Sitter.

In addition to the book, you also receive a crisp 11x17 poster as well!