Spaced Out

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Spaced Out

This collection contains the first 24 comic strips of the award winning series "Spaced Out"!!

Originally printed in the East Carolinian Newspaper, this collection follows the non-sequitur antics of an astronaut and his week to week adventures in space!

"Spaced Out" marks a ton of firsts for my career as a cartoonist. It was my first professional job working as a cartoonist for a major publisher as well as my first real attempt creating an ongoing series. This book captures my beginning, and because of that it carries a lot of emotional significance to me.

"Spaced Out" may be a bit rough around the edges and certainly isn't the same level of quality of my more recent comics, but I am still proud of this book and believe that it is one of my most important works. If you've been following my comic escapades for a long time and want to know where it all began, then "Spaced Out" is the book for you!